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    The Bus | Paul Kirchner | Via

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    My Phantom Limbs (details), Martine Johanna

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    Your shadow is a confirmation that light has traveled nearly 93 million miles unobstructed, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the final few feet thanks to you.

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    Sophia Narrett

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  8. eatsleepdraw:

    .01 and .005 micro pens, black copic marker, and carefully done yellow wash over white pencil.

  9. By rubyetc , she is a beautiful brilliant flower child.

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    fortyknots began following Ladies Who Draw the other day. I hopped over to her Tumblr to have a look-see, as I do with many new followers, and ah, what a nice thing, she is an artist, too! So nice.

    This is one of the selected works from her Etsy shop, linked above, and the first line of its description reads: “This illustration came from my head but was probably unconsciously inspired by Neutral Milk Hotel lyrics.” so you can see how straight away I fell in love.

    A strange summer forest and a creek at the bottom streaking down the page, pooling along the bottom, and meanwhile a nightmare of a nightmare takes center stage, I very much like the thin thin very thin lines and the various ways they’re expressed on the page, dots, lines, cross-hatching, shading without shading, conveying decay and decrepitude and downright horror with the simplest, quietest lines.

    Thank you, ladieswhodraw ! I’ve found so many new artists from your tumblr, and i appreciate that you feature those of us who identify as women. looking forward to more, a

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    by Kaethe Butcher

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  12. this girl is amazing.

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  13. leafdeer:

    Ballpoint pen on watercolour paper
    January 12th 2014

    Inspired by ‘Trek’ by Spencer & Antfood [x].