1. Project Excelsior 

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    A better picture than the one below. Practicing drawing hands on the subway. Maybe a foot’s in there, too.


  3. Puzzle People  -  Conspiracy of Owls

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    Someday I’ll say I’m sorry

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    |  Drawings from this Morning, 29/7 |  Breakfasts & Park Walks  |

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    poppy for rena

    may 11 / 2014

    come to new york, inkbyliv !

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    "creep it real" for meg
    june 3 / 2014

    good advice

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    new kitchen: come to me.

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    unbenannt by Xin Lí on Flickr.

    that should patch things up.

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    This proves they intend to get away with their actions, which are definitely illegal and inhumane. Anonymity + power is a devastating combo…

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    Hey guys I need your help spreading this on social media so our people in Ferguson can defend themselves from attacks from the police.

    This is important to add. When constructing this make sure the elastic to secure the bottle to the top of your head does not puncture the plastic or if it does the rubber needs to cover it. Also, make sure you keep it tight to your head as the gas only needs a small cap and tear gas can irritate greatly in small concentrations. (it can be flammable in high concentrations.) I would recommend diving goggles for your eyes as well as doing your best to ensure the bottle fits tightly against your forehead, jaw, cheeks, and chin.  Also if you can make sure the elastic can be tightened and loosened, this will help with sealing out the tear gas.

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    Embroidery by Amy Jones of CheeseBeforeBedtime

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